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This site began on the day before the first season 4 episode. So it could be really right or really wrong. But theories make this so fun, right? I will update this page throughout the season and either vindicate or disprove my theory along the way based on what happens in the episodes.

The Last Supper imagery above need only note the cup representing the missing cylon. Right next to Lee. Tigh is not looking at 6, he is looking angrily at the person who would be sitting there. Lee (on the other side of the cup) seems to be listening to or in conversation with that same person. Laura is not looking in that direction and the other 6 is clearly focused on the middle 6.

The final cylon to be revealed in season 4 of Battlestar Galactica (the final season) is Romo Lampkin - Baltar's Lawyer.

I'm sorry for now laying waste to the television experience of millions with Battlestar Galactica (could it happen?) but this is clearly in front of our face. In season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, the reveal is represented in Romo's cat-out-of-the-bag incident right in front of both the President and Admiral. You will all laugh later when you realized the harrowing mystery you thought was beset on you by the producers of the show.

I achieved this wisdom after many nights of Kamala Extract-induced visions and dreams - and just by watching the show.


In a promotional trailer for season 4, Cylon Anders is depicted in a colonial ship doing battle with the cylons. Cylon raider scans his eye and recognized him. It turned away from battle with him because it recognized him as a cylon. The backstory on toasters being able to recognize human cylons is documented. They were programmed to do that so they would never kill a human cylon even if it was fighting them - it might be an undercover spy or sleeper agent.

Lee fought a lot of cylons and they did not avoid him.

Helo has had personal interaction with toasters and he was attacked on Capcrica with Sharon in the restaurant. Plus, the story arc of the show does not permit it - as he documented is the human father of the first hybrid chid, Hera (born from him and Sharon/Athena).

Gaius Baltar has looked into a toaster's eye when he stayed on the cylon ship and was not attacked. The toaster was portrayed as guarding him, though. However, that could be because the 6 and 8 and 3 told the toasters it was cool for him to be there but to keep him where he was. But after a while, Gaius is portrayed as moving freely on the cylon ship without opposition.

Starbuck was attacked by toasters in combat, not avoided.

We never see who, exactly, tortured Tigh. But the mythology suggests a scenario in which the human cylons override the eye programming of toasters to harm Tigh when they otherwise would not (because he IS a cylon). This is impossible. Who turned off the programmming? None of the cylons knew who the last 5 were. It is quite clear the 7 known human cylons do not know who are the final 5. What is weird, though, I think the toasters attacked Sharon on Caprica in the abandoned restaurant with Helo, however, it is unclear if they attacked her or just Helo. But she did run away with Helo against the Group Thought. If there was an occassion to turn off that program and command a toaster to target a specific human cylon (one it would not normally attack) that could be foundation of who/what exactly tortured Tigh even though Tigh, himself, was one of them. I've often wondered now about those on the List at new Caprica being targeted for death by the toasters and about to be killed. It seem like maybe The President and Zarak got away too easily. But as I will explain, the Sharon versus Tigh attack by toasters is a bit different because Sharon Cylon and Tigh Cylon are different from each other fundamentally.

The Admiral was attacked by old toasters in Razor. They didn't avoid him. But things could be different with the new toasters.

* It is very possible the eye scan was not in effect until the Final Five became active/self-aware (after hearing the music)
  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 6 OF SEASON 4 (Faith) - The toaster guarding the Hybrid is overtly shown as inspecting Kara (including full neck tilt). But it does not attack. It actually ends up attacking the 8 when she attempts to disconnect the hybrid. It is fair to assume the toasters on Natalie's ship are self-aware (because she wants them that way) as opposed to the toasters on Cavil's ship because he wants them dumbed down. We don't know if the toaster was warned Kara was coming and it was OK for her to be there. We don't know if the toaster just liked Kara. We don't know if the toaster is aware the Hybrid wishes to meet with Kara.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - After it was revealed the centurions and raiders would not fight because the Final Five were present, Tigh says they've been fighting them all this time, WHY NOW? This seems to indicate one of two things:

  • Either a toaster has never actually scanned one of the Final Five in combat before
  • Something at the Ionian Nebula changed or modified the Final Five to broadcast themselves

    As I have shown on this site, numerous people have faced centurians and raiders up close. We do not know if it was of Anders not being able to fire his ammo that gave the time allowed for the raider to scan him. But Anders did face toasters on Caprica.

    At this point, we do not know the answer conclusively.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 10 OF SEASON 4 (Revelations) - The toaster seemed very interested in Tory as she boarded and navigated the ship with D'Anna.


    Concerning the Final 5 Cylons:

    "Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves, the pain of revelation bringing new clarity, and in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."

    So we know he is talking about the 4 (Tigh, Chief, Anders and Tori) and then the fifth (the final cylon) "still in shadow will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering." It is absolutely plausible this can be Romo Lampkin. Here is a man racked with bitterness so deep that he manipulates everything around him and subsists as a jaded and wounded man scoffing at life. We have seen the final Revealed Four are transforming and going toward some type of redemption or transformation. Lampkin's character has absolutely been set up for the possiblity of major transformation. He has a lot of issues and wounds.

    Based on the Hybrid's commentary about the Final One, Lampkin is not the only one with such baggage. I believe Roslin and Adama and Starbuck and Baltar (and Admiral Cain) ALL have/had deep-seated issues and could be characterized as "clawing toward the light hungering for redemption" but for other reasons described on this site, I have ruled them out. I also read (however true, we can't believe everything on the Internet) that the show's creator has explicitly ruled out Adama or Roslyn as the Final Cylon.

    I don't see Lee as clawing to the light in search of redemption, I don't see that in Gaeta or Dualla or Doc Cottle either. Kendra Shaw seems to have found redemption by the Hybrid himself before they both died in the exploding ship. And her guilt over the Silla incident was already resolved in Razor and most-likely would not be brough back around again for another run.


    I do not believe Starbuck was rescued before her ship exploded or that she died and was brought forth on a cylon resurrection ship and that she is the final cylon. Something else is going on with her. She is much like Baltar - in a different category. She "went to earth"? It's something more. Unlike Lampkin, it is TOO manufacturedly obvious for her to be the last one. When everyone went down to the Tomb of Athena, they were transported TO EARTH and saw the zodiacs from that spot. Her "death" aside, this occurrence is not unseen in the show previously.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 1 OF SEASON 4 (He that Believeth in Me) - She has images of our solar system. She really was there. Surely the cylons didn't give them to her (if she was "drugged by Leoben" or whatever) and they are searching for it just like the humans are. Why her ship is brand new is a mystery so far (SHIP OF LIGHT?).

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 2 OF SEASON 4 (Six of One) - She speaks of "the ringing". 2 other people have spoke of "the ringing" on the show - Laura Roslin and Romo Lampkin. Roslin, while she was (assumed) on Kamala and being treated for cancer, Lampkin while he met with Roslin and Adama while being interviewed as a candidate for Baltar's law representation. Starbuck also says of earth "as if I'd been there before" and "as if I never left". Was she talking about the experience in the Tomb of Athena? When she (and the others) "went to" earth?

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 3 OF SEASON 4 (The Ties that Bind) - Kara expresses to Anders she has a disembodied feeling, like she is not in herself or her own body and watching from afar. Starbuck is determined to do whatever it is she needs to do. I can't say she is different than she was before, but she's definately been through a defining transformation. Whether or not these are cylon traits, I am unsure. I keep thinking about the warning we've heard twice now about Kara Thrace leading the human race to its End. "They must not follow her" the hybrid says. It is all too complex at this time to understand what is exactly happening. (DON'T YOU LOVE IT?)

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 5 OF SEASON 4 (The Road Less Travelled) - Leoben is telling Starbuck she isn't the same person as before she disappeared. He also confirms he has no knowledge of where she was. She insists she is the same, but Leoben calls her "an angel blazing with the light of god". He also tells her she must leave her past behind (a message Baltar is speaking about in this same episode). In this moment, I believe Starbuck could be the final cylon. But, that would ruin my theory :)

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 6 OF SEASON 4 (Faith) - Kara's vision of the base star (what she called "the comet") was a great visual homage to the Ship of Light from the Original Series. It was meant to lead her to the Hyrbid. It seems, now, human and cylon are working together in full. Except, even in this tentatively united pairing, there is still enmity. The "blood for blood" drama rages on between human and cylon. They all find it hard to trust each other. But Natalie steps up as leader and provides a reason to trust her. The 6 killed Baralay because Baralay killed the 6 on New Caprica. Anders (formerly of the resistance, and with little tolerance for letting that experience slip from memory) is insistent the 6 should die. Natalie condemns the act but empathizes with her "sister" 6. She ultimately kills the 6 herself and proves she means business.

    Prior to jumping to the base star, Leoben says to Kara "can you feel it?". Either this means she is about to encounter her destiny/vision - OR - it could be another reference to the hybrid. The hybrids are portrayed has having a certain sensation prior to jumping. The hybrids have almost orgasmic reaction to jumping. As they jump, Kara seems to be in a little bit of ecstacy. Since this episode was very "hybrid-focused" it seems to fit.

    The Hybrid rambles at one point "the obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant". I see this as a reference to Kara. The word "pliant" means bending readily; flexible; supple - the suffix to the word "compliant". Whether means more than it says is unknown. Kara is certainly becoming ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill her destiny. Perhaps it means she is ready to listen for a change.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - Kara now seems to have replaced Tory as Laura's confidant. She became aware of the Opera House vision via the Hybrid and Laura asks for her help.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 10 OF SEASON 4 (Revelations) - Kara kind of lays it all down to Lee when it is discovered that her Viper holds the coordinates to a Colonial transponder broadcasting from Earth. She says "something is orchestrating this". Lee is quite skeptical (as usual). But Kara then goes on to chronicle the prophesy of the Hybrid and how it has all come true in the exact way the hybrid said it would. They unboxed D'Anna who outed the Final Five Cylons (Final Four, rather) who were then "attracted" to the Viper which suddenly began broadcasting the signal.

    What's orchestrating it? The Beings of Light?


    5 structures are there but the hugest one is the big thick pillar the 5 are surrounding. The hybrid ship said the 5 worship God (the single Cylon God). Chief pretty much said the same thing (his parents were religious) something about the 5 priests and one who whose name cannot be spoken. 2 different religions but same meaning. Plus, that these 2 races are continually chasing, fighting, finding each other throughouth space. Destiny. Zena Warrior Princess saw who the last 5 were. That was her thing. But didn't the 6 tell Gaius HE was the chosen one (not 3/Zena?). The hybrid ship also seemed to proclaim Gauis as the chosen one. He is the main pillar, the one the 5 "worship" or surround or attend to. The word "Gaia" means "earth" or Mother Earth/Mother Nature, the living system of our planet or the Main Spirit/the Holy Spirit. "Gauis" is just a plurality form of that word. The one god and the many gods. "Gaia" or "Gaius" is the thing that came before all. It was the foundation of the polytheistic religions of many gods, yet, a god itself.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 2 OF SEASON 4 (Six of One) - Tori basically goes from hating Baltar to sleeping with him and being mezmerized by him and his talk of the One God. Is she the first of the final 5 to come and "worship" the One God (Baltar) as the 5 priests of the temple as said to do? Or the 5 who worship "the one whose name shall not be spoken"?

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 4 OF SEASON 4 (Escape Velocity) - Chief seems to be headed down the dark path to One God as well. He's changing and transforming. Into what? Tigh is learning a whole lot too. He seems to completely ignore the fact that 6 tells him she was in love with Baltar and he doesn't even care. Where previously, Tigh would have rushed right to Adama to announce Baltar was finally and actually a cylon conspirator. But the real 6 is actually assisting in Tigh's evolution. She is helping him. Does she know he's a cylon? It appears she certainly does not. Tori is now a full-fledged Baltar cult believer. But is she really? Strangely, before their compound was attacked, it was Tori who expressed to Baltar that they were "perfect" and she is grasping the ideology even before he is. But she seems to be very pleased with the idea of worshipping or exalting Baltar while at the same time making Baltar know she has power over him. That she is perfect and she knows it to be true. She doesn't need Baltar to preach it to her like the others do. Tori seems very pleased with Baltar's evolution into a cult figure preaching the One God.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 5 OF SEASON 4 (The Road Less Travelled) - Something about Baltar seems to causing the revealed 4 to react. As I've said, the final 5 are related to Baltar or his message in some way. Tory is on board, Chief is very close. It was odd to me that Baltar was determined to physically touch Chief. He wanted Chief to take his hand but gets choked instead. Then, Baltar comes to Chief in humility and speaks a personal truth to him. He is (or acts) genuine and Chief ends up taking his hand. Perhaps this could be part of a ploy based on Tory saying "no one of consequence" is joining his movement. On New Caprica and also at times in show (like standing up for the workers on the Tillium (sp?) ship, Chief has shown great ability to garner support, gather followers, and to be convincing in word and speech. This could be the beginning of Chief's movement into the Baltar fan club.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 6 OF SEASON 4 (Faith) - Shockingly, the Final Five are revealed as *BEING FROM EARTH*! "...the 5 who come from the home of the 13th". It ties up nicely, but the Eye of Jupiter temple was, in fact, where the 5 WERE. Chief spoke of that temple as something his parents believed in. The 5 who "worshipped the one whose name cannot be spoken." Could the Hybrid have meant "the 5 who come from the Eye of Jupiter Temple"?

    The Hybrid says "the missing 3 will give you the 5 who come from the home of the 13th". The "13th" is (assuming) the 13th tribe, thus, Earth. D'Anna/3/Xena Warrior Princess will give them the 5 (because she saw them at the Eye of Jupiter temple before being boxed). However, could this also reference "the 13th" as a 13th Lord of Kobol?

    I still can't get away from Baltar or his message of the One God as being central to the Eye of Jupiter Temple, thus, this "13th" thing (whatever it may be). Perhaps it could mean Baltar represents Earth and the 13th colony... and the 5 are from there... but how does that tie in this "one god" message that has come to so dominate the show now? Is the "one god" on Earth waiting for them? To me, it is still unclear.

    There are too many correlations and overlapping storylines between:

  • "the 13th"
  • Earth
  • The Final 5
  • The One God
  • Baltar

    to be a coincidence. I am just not sure exactly what that correlation IS yet.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - Laura and Baltar are aboard the damaged base ship when the Hybrid is reconnected and an unexpected jump occurs. The Hybrid does not appear to be bent on disclosing the identity of the Final Five (she did not identify Anders when he was on the ship). But if the ship is going to the resurrection hub to unbox Deanna, if they are successful, we might have an answer on at least 2 of the suspects for being the Final Five because D'Anna has seen them. Tory seems to be evening out. She's showing more emotion and not such a psycho bitch in this episode. Why did Tigh implement the "hold weapons" command when the base star appeared? Did he sense Anders on board (his fellow Final Fiver)? Or did he just exercise good judgment based on the base star was not actively attacking?

    At this point, we don't know for sure.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - The promo for the next episode portrays D'Anna/Xena/3 saying to Roslin "you know about the Final Five but you don't know you are one of them"? I find it hard to believe such a "Revelation" (the title of the next episode) would reveal this in a promo. Others have speculated she was not speaking to Roslin but someone else present and it was just Roslin's reaction. But for this reason, I am now ruling out Roslin entirely as being the Final Cylon (simply because the promo made it seem that way). The only other person who was there that she could have been speaking to was Baltar. It can't be Helo. The whole premise of the show is about their child being the first hybrid. Ok, but now Tigh can impregnate 6, so it could be Helo, right? I can't envision that scenario. Though the hoopla about a human and a cylon successful breeding (Sharon and Helo) is a SHOW plot point, I can't accept the writers of the show would use that drama angle throughout the entire series and reveal this about Helo now. Although, with this show, anything is possible. The "miracle" may have been that a Final Five cylon and a skinjob cylon procreated -- and the skinjobs always assumed he was human anyway so they looked upon it as part of God's plan for them. And if this fact is true that Helo is the Final Cylon, then it will be a revelation to the cylons as well as the humans. That leaves Baltar. D'Anna may have been speaking to him. When she saw the 5, she apologized to one and that one took her hand. It was at that moment that she came out of the "trance" of seeing the 5 and was holding Baltar's hand right when she had just been holding the hand of one of the Final Five. Baltar has always been a major suspect anyway. And she said as she died "you were right" to Baltar. "You were right"..... "you are one of them"?

    Or, D'Anna could be lying and none of those 3 people are.

    Or, it could have been some random marine or pilot with them.

    Or D'Anna has a secret plot.

    Who really knows? Could this "revelation" of the Final Cylon not be as big a deal as we all expected? This "revelation" could just be a smaller plot twist in the next and final episode of 4.0 and maybe there is something even larger planned as the cliffhanger setting up the FINAL 10 episodes of the series.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 4 (The Hub) - D'Anna comes forth and tells nothing. Was she lying to Roslin? Is Roslin the Final Cylon? I think it she were, D'Anna would have taken that alone time to have a private conversation with her about it. But in the end, we just still don't know.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 10 OF SEASON 4 (Revelations) - D'Anna comes with Adama to Galactica seeking 4 cylons from the fleet.


    I could not take Kamalla pills on this one... or drink it with tea. I chopped it and snorted it!

    Ok... there are 2 possibilities WHY she is coming asking for only 4 of the 5 Final Cylons:

  • 4 are in the fleet and the last one is already on her (D'Anna's) base ship. That would be 1 of 3 people: Baltar, Roslin or Helo. It's fair to say Helo isn't the Final Cylon. If I have to explain why, then you just haven't been watching the show. That leaves Baltar and Roslin. While I am prepared to accept either as the Final Cylon, let's explore option 2.

  • The Final Cylon is not in the fleet and not on D'Anna's base ship. The Final Cylon is someone D'Anna recognized at the Temple but also is a person D'Anna knows to have died. This option seems plausible enough. If the person was dead, D'Anna understands not to come looking for them because SHE WILL NOT FIND THEM. That scenario leaves room later for "resurrection" of an older character or something. It might be more shocking that way.

    And WHY just those 2 options?

    D'Anna was previously a reporter living within the fleet. She had a lot of access to a lot of people.

  • If D'Anna previously knew the face of the Final Cylons (prior to her Eye of Jupiter ordeal), she would have come seeking 5, not 4. She knew the current 4 (the ones we know) and she knew where to find them.
  • If D'Anna previously was unfamiliar with the face of one or any of the Final Five, she still would have come seeking 5, not 4. Then, she would have searched for them.

    The only reasons to seek 4 instead of 5 are (A) the 5th is already on her ship or (B) the 5th is currently deceased.


    The last 5 cylons are represented by being with Baltar/the main pillar in the Temple. Cylons 1-7 are not the final evolution of human cylon. The last 5 are. This is displayed in Razor how the old toasters were the link between plain machine to human machine. The last 5 are an evolutionary link to the human race. Like in Razor, the hybrid ship was being protected/worshipped/attended by the eariler toaster models as a god of some kind. He probably produced/created the final 5 or something. He/It went rogue from the cylons. The final 5 have a different path than the 1-7 models. Baltar or something about Baltar is what they are protecting/worshipping/surrounding. It is strange that 3 of the now-revealed cylons were involved in executionary actions against people who they deemed were traitors on New Caprica and they fucking hate Baltar the most. The 4th, Tori, seems particularly adamant to the prosecutor that Baltar die for his crimes. They are all Baltar Haters. They don't yet recognize what he is. Also, perhaps the final 5 are not resurrectable. Perhaps there are not copies of THEM like the others. That would make them much MORE human than the 1-7. Thus, a step up the evolutionary ladder. The resurrection ships never contained the final 5 to be downloaded. If they did, everyone would know them by now. If someone had a resurrection ship to help them resurrect, it was the hybrid ship god from Razor and Kendra blew that up.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 1 OF SEASON 4 (He that Believeth in Me) - In the preview to next week, the 1-7 seem to be freaking out now that they know the final 5 are with the humans. This means they have been separate and different all along. 6 said they (the 1-8 minus the 7) are programmed "not to think about the final 5". Maybe the final 5 really are a product of the rogue hybrid ship from Razor - they are acting according to his agenda and not the 1-7 cylon agenda. Splinter cell cylons. And in the preview, you also see them making demands on Cavil to "stop lobotomizing the raiders" because they don't want the raiders disengaging with the final 5 in battle. "Stop lobotomizing the raiders" means "turn off their sensors so they can act more independently and shoot Cylon Anders because he is working with the human agenda but don't shoot 1-7 because they are working for the cylon objective". The eye scan thing seems to bear out who is and is not a cylon (as described in this page) because both Lee and Starbuck have fought many raiders and were never avoided like Anders was.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 2 OF SEASON 4 (Six of One) - Leoben says of the final 5 "what they've witnessed over time" and the 8 asks "do you think they look like us"? This implies they have absolutely no knowledge of the final 5 or even what form they take. It also implies they have been around a lot longer than the current skin jobs. More evidence perhaps the final 5 (or the OTHER 5) were created by the hybrid from razor. It has been around for quite some time. Perhaps the 1-6 (+8) are not in fact in that order at all. What's the deal with the 7th being skipped? They create 1-6 and then comes Sharon as an 8? It makes no sense. Perhaps the "final" five are the "first" 5.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 3 OF SEASON 4 (The Ties that Bind) - Previews to next week portray Tigh as experiencing a "Mental 6" appearing as his dead wife Ellen. That will be quite interesting towards explaining the mythology with how the 5 are different from the others cylons. Maybe part of the 6 element will be the 6 currently ON Galactica and maybe Tigh looks at her and momentarily sees Ellen. I don't know. But if it is a Mental 6 experience, I think most people will say "ok, that automatically makes Baltar the last one" because of the 6 in YET ANOTHER CYLON'S HEAD. Wrong.

    The Known Four seem to be splintering into their own "Things". Tori puts Cally out the airlock and saves the baby. It seemed pretty evil... but was she just protecting the group's identity and saving Galen's kid for him? That smack was pretty harsh. Chief, Tigh, and even Anders seems to still be stuck in something. Chief is blubbering to Cally about having more kids and settling down, Tigh is just Tigh. Anders is still playing his role being used as Starbuck's Sex Tool and led around by her on a leash. Unlike Tori who is transforming and becoming something more than she was before. She says she is feeling great about the new awakening and becoming open to new things, etc. The other 3 are still acting out the same routines as ever. In the preview, it looks like Chief is starting to evolve with the death of Cally. Perhaps Tigh's encounter with the 6 will change him too. They (the revealed 4) are evolving while the skinjobs seem to be devolving and imploding on themselves. The 7 skin jobs are divided on the reunitement of all 12 models. They are killing each other over it. Kind of a mirror but converse image. The Known Four are also evolving independently from each other which makes me believe they do not have clones or do not resurrect. As opposed to the 7 who are way more concerned with GROUP THOUGHT and their models agreeing with their Line. The Known Four are far less concerned (and seem to be becoming LESS concerned) with their own unity and more concerned with following their own paths. So give props to Anders who left on the mission by himself. And maybe props to Boomer for going against her Line, however, she's in league with Cavil which is just skanky.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 4 OF SEASON 4 (Escape Velocity) - The Revealed 4 seem to all be on a rapid evolutionary path that is either attempting to evolve the human race AND the cylons OR to destroy one of them or both. Tori seems most like a regular skin job than all of them. She is exhibiting behavior of guiltlessness and her humanity seems to be fading away. She callously pushed the button on Cally, lies about it, and she is flippant about things like pain and guilt or shame and she seems to be sort of intoxicated with what she knows she can now do, or her new found "powers". Tigh and Chief are navigating through EXTREMELY human sentiments and confusion. They are coming to terms with some deep-seated issues. Perhaps they are crossing or attempting to cross the threshold into the True Religion where guilt and shame are forgiven and oneness with a God who loves you becomes a reality. Tori already has a clear handle on it. I think Tigh and Chief are being led to Baltar (or his message) and are now going through transformation to go that direction. It would be hard to imagine someone like Tigh ever letting go of his guilt and self-loathing - about the cylons and what they did to him, about Ellen, about all the bad shit he has seen in his life. But it seems more easy to believe that Chief will eventually embrace these concepts, the "New Religion" once he gets past acceptance of who and what he is. When they first learned they were cylons, Chief was the first one to readily accept it without question. He was rational. Maybe he will be again with the help of someone unexpected.

    Ok, and what is up with the pleasure and pain thing? Tori is frakin crazy pulling out Baltar's hair and grabbing his nads and then we have the 6 and Tigh with the "please and pain" thing. She's beating him up because she says pain makes one focus. Both she and Tori talk about the blurred lines of pleasure and pain. Both the 6 and Tori seem to be very similar in that they know they have blood and skin and organs but they don't understand it. The 6 is revealing she is learning about death and she's actually seeming more human than Tori! Tori has gone off the chart as far as I am concerned, she's seems more like a typical skin job with every episode that goes by. I wouldn't be surprised if Tori is actually cylon #7 (the missing gap between 6 and 8) and that she is one of THEM (and not the Final 5). That would devastate some of my mythology concepts but she seems more like the 6 on Caprica that snapped that baby's neck in the mini-series. She seems like a thing, not a person, that is in the initial throes of comprehending her existence. She seems to KNOW and RECOGNIZE things (like, she did the "we are perfect" thing before Baltar did) but she is lacking humanity. She's erasing the lines between good and evil and simply doing whatever she wants to do. She says to Baltar "if we become one with the God, when we can do no wrong". Which, IN ESSENCE, may be true (in the way Gauis preached it) but to Tori, she put Cally out the airlock and then pretty much forgave HERSELF and just went on with life - as if it was a meaningless act. Tigh tells Chief "feel whatever you have to feel to get through it" where Tori just wants to throw a switch and make it all go away as if it means nothing. Tori is acting more like a "toaster" all the time. Tigh talks of the 6 as "turning off the pain" and not feeling the guilt and she says "how do you think I COULDN'T"? Tori is just like "I killed Cally. Now what?". She's more like what the humans fear about the cylon - cold, unfeeling and calculated machines without emotion or shame.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 5 OF SEASON 4 (The Road Less Travelled) - Anders has an exchange with Leoben that seems to unnerve him. The cylons, Leoben says, are at war with eachother because some are choosing to embrace who they are and others fear it. Anders (and the other 3 Revealed) are struggling with this as well. Perhaps this indicates somewhat of a merging of the cylons as a whole - not just the 7 or the 5, but division and choices with ALL cylons over what path they are going to take. Leoben says it is about embracing true identity or fearing it. Tory seems to be fully embracing it without hesitation. Tigh is still in denial. Anders is still in denial. Chief is moving slowly. The issues of destiny, true nature and redemption seem to be widespread - both for cylons and humans (assuming Kara is not a cylon). That would ruin my theory :)

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 6 OF SEASON 4 (Faith) - Anders, Anders, Anders. He wants to stick his hand onto the cylon control panel! The Hybrid does not recognize him as a cylon (or, at least, she doesn't claim to). He doesn't seem to know anything about "the home of the 13th" but the Hybrid claims he (and the Final Five) are from there. As the group seems to be on the next step in the journey (unboxing D'Anna) that could prove problematic for Anders - because she had seen the Final Five.

    The Final Five and their function (if they have one) seem to be completely outside of the human/cylon conflict. Anders is acting on his instincts just like ALL of the characters involved (human and cylon) are beginning to do. Sharon tried to deceive Athena, but on her death bed seems to repent. But Athena shuns her and won't comfort her as she dies. But in a gesture that seems to convey forgiveness, Anders does comfort her. Also, he seems possessed to get Kara on her destiny path at whatever cost. He shoots and scores a Gaeta in doing so!

    I am beginning to see a pattern that the known (yet hidden) cylons are each attached to an important figure. Tory is attached administratively to Laura. Seeing that Laura has now had an "encounter" with the One God, this works perfectly for Tory (an already-disciple) to possibly urge Roslin in that direction. Tigh, to Adama. Anders to Kara. Chief to......... ?

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - Athena's care is first and foremost for her child. She is majorly disrupted by her visions (shared by Caprica 6 and Laura) and the idea that her daughter is seeking out the 6. She has already disowned other cylons and considers herself in league with the Galactica NO MATTER WHAT. Her oath to the Battlestar Galactica is her promise and probably the only thing that would come before that oath would be her child. Cylons, via the civil war, have now shown they, too, can choose sides based on free-will. There is mistrust and fear of cylon for mankind and mankind for cylon. But ultimately, everyone seems to be choosing sides based on whoever and whatever they care about. In the same way Roslin is following her destiny, Kara hers, etc. What Natalie said was true that through real and actual death, these particular cylons have learned the value of life. Perhaps that was the one thing they were missing (death) in order to have real and actual living experience (and to bring them closer to the human experience as a whole). There is a merging of human and cylon in that, Natalie truly wants to align with the humans for a greater purpose. She is led to exit the collective culture of the cylons with the intent on what she feels is destiny: reuniting with the Final Five. However, it is her assumption (and the 2's and 8's) that the Final Five WANT to be reunited with them. They wonder why the Five have not "come forward". Natalie says "maybe they're watching us, judging us on our actions". See Romo Lampkin for more. It could be that the Final Five are so free-will oriented that they will align with whoever they deem to be acting rightly in their own opinion. It is the cylons' assumption the Final Five are with and of them JUST because they are cylons. It seems not to be the case.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - Tigh impregnated 6! How different is that?

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 4 (The Hub) - Now a new Sharon has entered - seemingly to have been heavily influenced by the memories and consciousness of Athena from when Athena downloaded to collect Hera from the base ship. The skinjobs seem to be learning in direct correlation to their experiences with humans. This 8 has now taken on the persona of Athena and has gone off in the same ideology as Athena. She unites the two crews by speaking powerfully and with authority as Athena would. While Boomer-gone-bad 8 went the other direction, this 8 seems to be gravitating heavily toward the human cause in defeating the opposing cylon forces. She leads the mission to collect D'Anna from the Hub but is pretty pissed when she learns the humans have tricked her.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 10 OF SEASON 4 (Revelations) - Colonel Tigh's character struck me in this episode. He has shown over and over his willingness to put the fleet and humanity before himself. Losing his eye in captivity, killing his wife because she collaborated to spare his life. Keeping his cylon identity a secret while still maintaining all his regular functions - including assuming command of Galactica in Adama's absence. And now, when the truth is revealed and D'Anna comes home to roost, Tigh offers himself up as a human sacrifice to stave off the slaughter of the humans on the base ship. When he stood in the airlock taunting Lee to push the button, there was no greater upright, upstanding patriot than Saul Tigh.


    Gauis Baltar is so many things religiously. Always often portrayed in the monotheistic god concept. Christ on the cross in the grass. Long hair and beard. Suffering for the sins of others, according to Lee. The red blanket throw over Baltar's head is the red cord tied onto the ancient Scapegoat to be kicked away from the city, thus taking the guilt away forever. Red is also the color associated with cylons in the mythology (when Baltar stayed on the cylon ship and the red stripe all over the wall). The red zooming-like Knight Rider in the eye of cylon ships. The 6 (the constant one, from the beginning in Baltar's mind) is always wearing red. Gauis is the monotheistic god. Cylons are the monotheistic religion. Gauis almost never is portrayed as a Jupiter-type of god (the pagan religion of the humans). He is never seen as strikingly powerful as Jupiter is, but the pagans have many gods. Maybe Gauis is a combo of all of them - which is, in turn - that a real human is just a combination of many different characteristics and take many forms? Billions of different people, but one. Gauis Baltar is a god. But he's a man. But he's a god. Not a cylon.

    Now, Batlar has evolved into an ideological leader (he kind of was before but his lust for power got in the way - as it does with many humans) and a spiritual guru and a healer. He's moved from the crucified scapegoat to the buddha and gnostic Christ Healer or Ramayanic Sage.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 1 OF SEASON 4 (He that Believeth in Me) - Gauis has now passed beyond the crucified Christ into something else (shaved beard and cut hair). He was not sacrificed in the trial because that was not his destiny. He genuinely believed he would give up his life for the dying boy and he would have. He passed the test and now he is moving on toward HIS purpose (whatever that is). Baltar had to pass several "tests" in the show. He was faced with death once before and the Constant 6 left him for a long time. It was only when he genuinely "received the one true god" that his life was spared and she returned to him. After that, he ascended to the Presidency. Now, he will fulfill some other role.

    The Constant 6 is propagating the cylon religion through Baltar. When Baltar spoke with the woman about her unfulfilled feeling when praying to the gods (plural) the Constant 6 guided his answer plainly "because they (the gods) are not real. There is only one god). If the Constant 6 is actually Baltar's ego, he doesn't seem to believe or know he is a god or the god and actually scoffs at people's belief in him. But the Constant 6 has moved him in many different ways to many different places. What their relationship truly really is, that's still a mystery.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 2 OF SEASON 4 (Six of One) - Baltar's transformation is portrayed through his ego - now represented as HIMSELF (instead of 6). He passed another "test" and is now becoming as much a propagator of the One God as 6 was. Now, his hallucination/vision/communication is with himself and not 6. It seemed that the 6 in his head led him to a certain point at which he finally and truly reached self sacrifice and can see himself in his ego where before he saw 6. The Gauis in his head seems to know Tori is special. Baltar knows she is special as a sexy female but the alter Gauis seems to know she is one of the final 5 but just does not tell Baltar that information. Where 6 guided him before, he now seems to be led by the alter Baltar ego.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 3 OF SEASON 4 (The Ties that Bind) - What role did Gauis' Love-In with Tori play in her seemingly rapid development from ordinary aide to bitch-slapping Cally Killer? She seemed intoxicated by Gauis and after that, she seems drunk with her own new identity.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 4 OF SEASON 4 (Escape Velocity) - OK, so, when he met Tori, Baltar was guided not by the 6 in his mind, but by a BALTAR IN HIS MIND. Now, in this episode, the 6 returns in his head (not the Baltar). It has always been the 6's purpose to guide Baltar to the One God doctrine. But she has also always guided him into positions of power such as the government, then vice president, then president. Now, somehow, both are meeting. Baltar's position of power IS ITSELF the One God doctrine. So, the 6 literally picks him up to be slammed by the guard as a martyr while Lee and the Quorum have remotely vindicated him against the wishes of the President. He then proceeds to make a "Sermon on the Mount"-type speech and becomes bigger than before. The 6 in his head always guides him to these places of power. She has guided his decisions and actions by putting him through trial after trial - trial of his spirit - after which time, his positions of power grow and grow with every trial. But Baltar is now the New Religion personified. Perhaps through the New Religion (belief that your flaws are uncondemnable and "God Loves Me Just As I Am") Gauis will finally come into his own and stop being such a crybaby and a whimp.

    I think the Baltar in Gauis' head was there to prod him into getting it on with Tori because THAT Baltar knew Tori was a Final 5. What is "THAT Baltar"? I am unsure. The Hybrid from Razor said, when asked what he is, "I'm a man". He also said "my children believe I am a god". It seems this story is being played out IN Gauis Baltar. In this episode, the 6 in his mind has dialogue with Baltar about people having to choose between belief in him (Baltar) or the old gods. She does not tell Gauis he is god or A god, but she says "imagine the kind of MAN you WILL BE" when he takes on the gods. She calls it "magnificent" and "god-like". Then Gauis' "sermon" talks about how "something in the universe loves me" and "something in the universe loves to entity that is me". After he got beat down by the guard, he turns to Lee and says "you do what your god compells you to do". Now that Baltar has experienced hallucination-type entities in his mind (both the 6 as a guiding force AND HIMSELF as a guiding force) it seems like there IS someone/something directing him - possibly himself. This is why I believe Baltar IS a god or god or some type of god as the Hybrid expressed itself to be. Perhaps this "god" is a/the Gauis' Ego or even some kind of Hybrid that is seeking to manifest itself through Baltar or actually IS Baltar himself - just not yet. The Gauis that appeared TO Gauis that led him to get with Tori is the Higher Gauis - the same Gaius communicating to 6 in her mind. The 6 in Baltar's mind could actually be the Higher Gauis taking the form of 6 for whatever reason. Because the 6 model compells him and evokes him and turns him on. They were linked together by love on Caprica before the attacks and perhaps the Higher Baltar takes the form of whatever cylon it needs to in order to achieve whatever end. But it seems to be specific to Baltar. No one else (that we know of) is seeing people in their head on a continual basis except the 6.

    This is the same argument or thesis that goes on about Christ or Bhudda. There is a man walking around manifesting something otherworldly. The man is fully human, yet, divine. The concept itself is confusing and hard to grasp and that is why there is still division today (2,000 years later) about the nature of the person called Jesus that was said to die on a cross... but that he was also God, and how can God die? I think this is the type of scenario we are dealing with in Gauis Baltar.

    The 6 in his head toys with him about being "god-like" and Baltar shuns the thought. In fact, immediately after she says that, he jumps up and leads a burst into a temple to desecrate it. Again, Baltar is failing to go the right direction and is being a mere human - acting like a mere human - doing a stupid silly thing like interrupting a church service like a whining baby. He gets thrown in the brig and then released and his "gesture" becomes meaningless. But in the end (as always) the Mental 6 uses that to Baltar's advantage by literally holding him up (unseen) to be pummeled by the guard in front of everyone (the real victory) which ultimately leads to his profoundly moving speech/sermon. It seems every step of the way, the 6 in his head is directing him down a path and his own human ego always fraks it up. And then usually, the 6 uses his own flaws to push him further toward the goal. Isn't that what Gauis' sermon was about? That our flaws are not flaws at all? Certainly in the person of Gauis Baltar, his flaws always lead him the wrong way and then the 6 in his head uses it to his advantage - TO ADVANCE HIM IN HIS OWN DESTINY (whatever that will turn out to be).

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 4 (The Hub) - Baltar seems drunk with his identity as a cult leader. He is now flaunting his alleged "imbued" abilities to "communicate" with people even to the point that he thinks he can naturally communicate with the Hybrid (but can't). He even tries to proselytize a centurian with God's message - basically telling the centurian it is a slave. It may have been comedic screen time for Baltar, however, we do not know if his conversation with the centurian will cause more strife in the cylon ranks. When Natalie re-wired the centurians to think independently, she DID say "what do you think they felt when they heard you were lobotomizing the raiders"? And then the centurians opened up on the Cavils, 4s and 5s and killed them all.


    When Gaius tried to hang himself and woke up in the resurrection ship, I think that was a hallucination from almost dying. The cylons are always welcoming and petting the person coming back around, not scratching and maiming them as was done to him when it happened in his mind. That's just what he believed would happen since he was at that moment in the belief he could very well be a cylon.


    Sorry to have added this late, but Gauis went to the beacon (which had a virus that kills cylons) and is unaffected. Even if the Final Five are different than the Known 7, they are still from the same physical stock. The only alternative is to turn once again to the BEINGS OF LIGHT? concept and that if he is a cylon, they (or one of them) protected him from the virus.


    Laura Roslin? She is in the vision with the others because she is on Kamala Extract. That's the only time she's had any visions or paranormal activity such as when she had visions with Leoben. I also think one time she was shot at by a toaster when the toasters boarded galactica. She had "settings" with Leoben in visions, now she's having them with Sharon and 6 and Hera. They were more dreamy and less precise with Leoben but the same nonetheless. GO KAMALA! Laura also has a distinct destiny - she hooked up with Starbuck on faith to get the Arrow of Apollo and her name "Roslin" is like in the DaVinci Code movie, it means Rose Line or straight line or, metaphorically, the line or road to earth. She was instrumental in the search toward earth and was prophesied about in the Pithia scroll as the leader toward earth. The closer they get to earth, the more Kamala she takes, and the more visions and feelings she has about things concerning earth AND Hera (the symbolic endgame to this whole story). If she was the final cylon, it would be for shock value alone without real meaning to the mythology.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 1 OF SEASON 4 (He that Believeth in Me) - Kara was the marker at the nebula they were supposed to find. Roslin doesn't believe it. She holds onto her doubt that it is a cylon trick. She is led by the scriptures, yet, the nebula yielded NOTHING as a signpost to earth - except Kara. She isn't working against Kara, she is just not seeing the scriptures (as she usually does) through open eyes because of her mistrust in Kara's identity or what happened to her. She is claiming to be spiritual but at the same time, unbelieving in the paranormal phenomenon that happened to Kara. Perhaps for good reason (from her perspective).

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 4 OF SEASON 4 (Escape Velocity) - Laura seems to be letting go of everything. She's not passionate about her faith any more, she is not the pontificating "dying leader" going to earth. She's becoming more practical and pragmatic all the time. She's facing death and she isn't afraid. But she isn't the same person any more.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 6 OF SEASON 4 (Faith) - Shocking Bald Laura!

    There is symbolism all over this episode. Laura actually looks like a hybrid. Leoben blubbered long ago about "the river" and now we see Baltar preaching about The River. Of course, Laura does not want to hear it - because Baltar is full of shit in her opinion. But the River is the space between life and death. It is the place where the Hybrids exist. She travels across this river with Emily as Emily passes from life into death. Laura is fully terrified of her "fate". What a great symbol as Emily speaks of "Zeus dealing out fates from an urn" (an urn is used to house ashes of the dead) the camera zooms to Laura's I.V. bag as it drips death into her body in the form of treatment for her cancer.

    The hybrid on the damaged ship says "the dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House". The Opera House scenario is always played out with the same characters: Laura, 6, Baltar, Hera, Athena and the Final Five cylons. What that means, exactly, is still unclear.

    Since my theory suggests the Final Five are somehow related to or gravitating toward Baltar and/or his message, it is in this episode that I could be persuaded to think Laura might be the Final cylon. She has had an irrevocable assault on her beliefs and her religious ideology. Emily shares a special time with Laura - one that affects Laura deeply. A fellow cancer patient has now died in front of her and has conveyed to Laura the utter meaninglessness of the "gods". Emily says "the one true god belongs to all of us". It seems Laura will be facing a diametric shift in her thought process. Could she ever come to accept such a message... when that message is being delivered by her most hated foe?

    In the last episode, Tory reminds Baltar that "no one of consequence" is joining Baltar's movement (which seems to be growing all the time and unstoppable since he is freely on the wireless). Who could be more consequential than Laura, the President?

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - Laura has been turning into a tyrant for a while now. Tonight's episode, she is really over-stepping her authority as President. But it does seem she has the best interest of the fleet in mind. She continues to be plagued by the recurring vision involving Athena, 6, Baltar and Hera. When word leaks out she is having these shared visions with cylons, the Quorum becomes even more uptight (maybe rightfully so). Kara shares the Hybrids message to her and it immediately places Kara in a position of trust because she knows the shared visions are true. Laura wants to know ("the dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House) what is going on and wrecklessly boards the base ship in search of the Hybrid to, as she said "get answers".

    But who told Baltar about Roslin's shared visions with the 6 and 8? He claims it was Romo Lampkin.


    It looks in the promo to next week that unboxed D'Anna is telling Roslin she is one of the 5. It is for that very reason I am now officially removing Roslin from the possibility of that being true.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 4 (The Hub) - Laura experiences a 'Head' Elosha similar to the 'Head' Leoben of Kara's journey. The being guides her through her own death and gently (but firmly) drops some knowledge on Laura about her tyrannical ways of late. The being says Laura must respect the right of everything to draw breath. An injured Baltar FINALLY reveals the deep mystery Laura has harbored against him for so long - that he was, in fact, the one who gave the defense codes to the cylon (6) which caused the holocaust. Although (under the influence of morpha) he admits he did not, at the time, know that's what he was doing. At that moment, Laura Roslin has control over the life of Gauis Baltar. She has wanted him dead for a long, long time. She removes the patch from his side in what can only be considered a "Christ-like" moment when Christ was pierced through the side (the final wound that ended his life). Laura now has that power. But the being in the form of Elosha convinces Laura she needs to love someone. That love is the thing her life needs - more than vengeance or perceived justice against Baltar by allowing his life to slip away under her charge. Baltar's salvation is 'Elosha' convicting Laura's heart that she has become a tyrant and she must open her heart if she wants to go out with dignity - if she wants to leave this world in emptiness or with love. The bedside scene with Kara, Lee and the Admiral was quite telling. The being in the form of Elosha says these people are the closest thing to family Laura has but then implies Laura doesn't really care about them. She has become closed off and her heart is barren.

    Why 'Elosha'? Elosha was the person from whom Laura first learned of her destiny as the dying leader. She told Elosha about the serpents on her podium and that was the first time Laura even heard of Pythia. Why was it 'Leoben' coming to Kara in her ordeal? Leoben was the first person who informed Kara of her destiny.


    Admiral Adama? It's possible. The final cylon could be Commander Adama but now we have a grandfather of Lee introduced and it's too convoluted. Plus, no one has ever been known to be "replaced" by a cylon. Such as, Adama fathered his children and then was cloned and "replaced" as a cylon. No precedent. The dead Zack/brother of Lee/son of the Commander? All of this according to Leoben's "Adama is a cylon" to Laura? It's too much. It was said Leoben mixes lies with the truth. This is evidenced by his lying for months to Starbuck about the child given to her - lying that it is her own biological child when it wasnt.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - Adama goes through a major transformation in this one. After all these years of putting "duty to the oath" before his own heart, he decides to go it alone in search/to wait for Roslin to return. He tells Saul he can't live without her. However, it is the mysterious hand of Romo Lampkin who actually subtly convinces Adama not to risk the entire fleet and to do it by himself. Prior to their conversation, Adama was willing to keep the fleet looking even though they are massively at risk. That, and the influence of Saul who also reminds him the plan is unsound. Whether or not Adama and Roslin have a mutual love interest, they are FRIENDS and they have been through a lot together. I think the revelation of Tigh and 6s rendezvous caused their fight because Adama was chastising Saul for putting his heart in the way of his duty. But he did no such thing. Tigh merely gave in to his desire for love - the love he sees in the face of the 6 as Ellen. Adama probably hates that because he does not have it. So, he relinquishes the fleet to a capable Tigh (whom he loves like a brother, that was clear) to "follow his heart". Adama also has started referring to cylons as people. People, as opposed to things. The lines between human and cylon are blurring at a very fast rate.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 10 OF SEASON 4 (Revelations) - Adama is stalwart in revealing a plan (hatched by Roslin herself) to terminate the base ship if things go wrong (a plan that would kill Roslin and much of the Galactica crew). But when his friend of 30+ years finally reveals he is a cylon, Adama cracks. We've never seen the Old Man in this condition EVER. Will things ever be the same between them?


    There's no value to making it anyone else except Admiral Cain. Interestingly, in Razor, as a child when she ran into that storage garage, the cylon looked at her and did not attack. But I believe it was merely called away and it was time to go. There are many reasons why it could be Cain, but it would only be for dramatic value. Cain as the final cylon would make little revelation for the mythology. The producers of the show have always granted that freely. Except that she is awfully much LIKE Starbuck in so many ways. I have tried to consider theories that possibly Cain's DNA was taken as a child and used to produce the cylon Starbuck or whatever. But it doesn't pan out. They took Cain's little sister. And the age of Cain and her sister at that time MIGHT work for Starbuck to be their "offspring" or that their ovaries were harvested to create the cyon Starbuck but then, it would be the DNA of the sister NOT Cain herself. She was not taken. They are shockingly alike, though.


    Many people are emailing and asking why I do not include Tom Zarek on this site as possibly being the Final Cylon. I know Tom is a fan favorite and since he has been around since (nearly) the beginning of the show, I will include now why I have ruled him out.

    There has been little to no character development for Tom during the entire show's run. To form my theory of the Final Cylon, I draw heaving from the Razor Hybrid commentary because it is the most significant and specific information we have concerning who is the Final Cylon. As quoted above on this website:

    "And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering"

    The mind and personal issues of Zarek have never been portrayed in the series. He was called a "terrorist" (but that was years ago) and appeared on the show on the prison ship and attempted to lead a rebellion. Then, he ran for president and lost. But no backstory on Tom is known to us. To fulfill the nature of the Hybrid's commentary, the Final Cylon is someone undergoing deep transformation and "clawing toward the light in search of redemption". A few characters have these qualities and Tom is just not one of them. This is the very reason I have ruled out people like Dualla, Gaeta and Doc Cottle. Tom is now vice president and has not shown any evidence or indication he is struggling with inner turmoil or that he is in search of redemption of attempting to reach "the light". I simply cannot in any way attribute the Hybrid's commentary to him.


    I've received a flood of emails after episode "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" because of Gaeta's loss of limb. It now seems to be a popular opinion Gaeta is the Final Cylon using the Razor Hybrid quote:

    "And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."

    and attributing that to his suffering and agony over the gunshot that ultimately cost Gaeta part of his leg. As with many characters, I do rule out Gaeta because there has been VERY little character development portrayed for his character over the series. Even Romo Lampkin (a comparably new character to the show) has more backstory and we know more about his inner composure than we know about Gaeta. Gaeta worked under Baltar on New Caprica and served as a secret messenger of helpful information for the resistance. He has tried to kill Baltar, he lied about Baltar in the trial, and he was almost killed himself by the "circle" set up by President Zarek for treason. However, we know close to nothing about his mind and his character has, for the most part, been one dimensional throughout the series. Why is Gaeta "hungering for redemption"? What is his inner issue causing him to hunger for redemption? I have not seen one.

    Also, Gaeta was present on Galactica when the other 4 heard the music and converged on each other. Gaeta had ample opportunity to hook up with them. Gaeta has not (unlike the other 4) changed or undergone any kind of apparent transformation after the Ionian Nebula). Since the Ionian Nebula and hearing the music, the 4 have been evolving and changing at a rapid pace and becoming unpredictable in some ways.

    Assuming the Final Cylon is even more unique and special than the other 4, it is almost laughable that Gaeta could be that person. I can't envision a purpose for which Gaeta as the final cylon could be plausible. If he ends up being the Final Cylon, it would stun me (and not in a good way) and would probably reduce the show the rubble in terms of mythology. Yes, Gaeta is in terrible suffering. However, the Hybrid spoke metaphorically not materially. The Final Cylon is someone in the darkness... struggling toward the light. It is someone with inner turmoil - turmoil either concerning their identity as a cylon OR just plain inner turmoil. "The howl of terrible suffering" (in my opinion) should not be taken literally in this instance. Portrayal of Gaeta's songs and scenes of pain are fully warranted and do speak to his character's evolution (and rightly so). Had he been some random viper jock, we would probably not have seen any more of him. Gaeta is a major enough figure for the show to not just leave him in a bed with half a leg. He is major enough to portray his suffering. The words to his song also meant nothing to the mythology. Probably just a personal lament.

    Poor peg legged Gaeta. Just no more singing in the next episode, please.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - No singing Gaeta. Thank you.


    It almost pains me to write about this. The entire premise of Zack Adama as the Final Cylon comes from ONE SOURCE: Leoben. Leoben grabbed Laura and whispered "Adama is a cylon". However, all of the skinjob cylons have since been revealed, meaning, Zack is not one of them. Next, if Zack is a Final Five cylon (which he must be since the remainder of the skinjobs have been revealed) then Leoben's statement to Laura must be examined closely. Yes, Leoben is privy to a lot of the "prophesy" of the hybrid. He sees the patterns, he knows Kara's destiny (it seems). But he is also a liar. To be more clear, NONE of the skinjobs know who the Final Five are. Not even Leoben. Natalie is searching for them along with Leoben and an 8. If Leoben knew "Adama is a cylon", thus, telling Laura that information, then he knows who the Final Five are.

    But he doesn't. None of them do.

    The drama of Kara's love for Zack and the untimely death of the Admiral's son and the friction between them (and Lee) about the whole matter is very old in the show. Kara has since frakked Lee, gotten married and went on a journey of her own. The Zack-Kara-Adama triad has not been re-visited or expounded upon at for a long, long time. The storyline of Kara passing Zack in flight training when he was not ready and the Admiral's rage over that and the whole conflict of that suplot has been exhausted long ago.

    So, any serious student of the show has to ask themself: why would this (Zack as Final Cylon) be revealed NOW? What meaning would it have to the show mythology as a whole?

    Finally, the Admiral being human and bearing 2 sons (one human and one cylon) can barely be explored or explained so close to the show's end. Zack Adama has never actually appeared in any episode except in flashback. It makes no sense to the story and it would be a mega-letdown for this to be the case. There is a possibility, though, that the Final Five cylons are actually reincarnations - NOT ressurections. If this were the case, it certainly is within the parameters of the show for the Admiral to procreate a reincarnated Final Five cylon. However, as I said, it would do nothing to further the mythology as far as I can tell at this point.

    In closing, I always refer back to the Razor Hybrid's commentary about the Fifth "still in shadow, clawing toward the light in search of redemption". You can't have redemption for a character that has no backstory and of whom you know nothing about. If you can ask yourself "what issues does Zack Adama have that he might be searching for redemption" then you can pretty much come to the conclusion I did: nothing. The Razor Hybrid's commentary is the most specific thing we know about the identity of the Final Cylon. It can't be ignored.


    Dee? Why?

    Kendra Shaw? Why?

    Any random Viper Jock or Raptor pilot? Why?


    The Final Cylon is someone marked by inner conflict and strife (as stated on this page based on the Razor Hybrid's commentary on the Final Cylon). It is also someone, obviously, that hasn't already been revealed AS a cylon.

  • Dualla: none.
  • Doc Cottle: none.
  • Cally: none. And she's dead.
  • Lee: Leoben told Roslin "Adama is a cylon".
  • The Admiral: Leoben told Roslin "Adama is a cylon".
  • Roslin: She had visions. And, she had visions in concert with the 6 and the 8 and Hera.
  • Starbuck: She died. She's back. Ressurection? The same song she played for Helo in her apartment on Caprica (she said the song was "her dad") is also playing during scenes on the cylon base star. She learned to control and fly the cylon raider when no one else seemed to able to get it to work (Sharon instinctively knew how the raider functioned even though she didn't yet know she was a cylon).
  • Baltar: He exhibits the "projection" experience cylons experience. He sees the 6 in his head. When he tried to hang himself in the brig, he is seen ressurecting in the pod but then goes back to the land of the living.


    Love is a thread in BSG that can no longer be sidelined. It is becoming the mega issue.

    Why is Chief's baby not the celebrated cylon hybrid and Hera is? After episode 4, Chief goes on about how he never really loved Cally. I don't think it was a moment of anger or sadness. Perhaps Sharon and Helo really did and do love each other and that is why their offspring is the special one? Chief attends Baltar's "Sermon on the Mount" about love - he seems so desperate and lost without love.

    Tigh is totally caught up (and has been) by his love for Ellen and the guilt surrounding her death by his hand. That issue - his real and true love for another person - is being dealt with by the 6. I think somehow she will lead him to the One God religion. Because my theory is that the final 5 are intimately attached to Baltar - represented by the temple of the Eye of Jupiter. Tori was the first. Chief was listening in on Baltar's sermon in episode 4 and I believe it will affect him. I believe the final 5 are gravitating toward Baltar or something concerning Baltar.

    Anders loves Kara. His love is doing whatever it takes to help Kara get where she needs to go.

    Adama and Roslyn are engaging in something special. I think they are in love and probably have been for a while. After episode 'The Hub' Laura and Bill are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. With the help of 'Elosha', Laura opens her heart and says the magic words. You could see the Admiral ALMOST returning the words to her but doesn't.

    Baltar is finding love. I believe he is finding it within himself as he preached. He's had many, many women but I think he actually did love the 6 from Caprica, thus, their bond continued in some form (her in his head and him in hers).

    The 6 loves Baltar. She genuinely does.

    Tori, I believe, is lacking which may explain her seeming indifference and rigidity. Maybe she needs to find love before she can "be all she can be". She had crying sex with Baltar but she said she always did that. I don't think she loves Baltar. Maybe all the Final 5 need to really experience love to reach their potential or mission or purpose. Like how Xena Warrior Princess found love in Hera and it changed her from callous skinjob to a true Searcher who defied ALL cylons by going down to the temple with Baltar. The priestess told her she would hold Hera and know true love - and she was never the same afterward. It would be kinda cool if Chief would somehow re-hook up with Boomer. He seemed to convey to Adama that he loved her. Boomer was a sleeper agent who turned a 180. She now turned from total human to total machine. From loving Chief (remember, they were told to break it off but she still loved him) to now laying around with cylon Cavil and voting against her model to take free will away from the raiders. Should she reunite with Chief, they may both find redemption in each other.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - The show seems to be going the way of redemption through love. Adama's change is not to be underestimated. He laid ruin to his family due to his military obligations, his wife went sour because of it, his relationship with Lee only exists because Lee followed him INTO the military. But now, Laura could be Adama's redemption of some sort. I'm actually glad we got to see this side of Adama. He is by no means a one dimensional character, but this really went deep into his persona and was a good development for the Admiral's character.

    6 asks Tigh if he loves her. Tigh seems horrified because she keeps switching back and forth from Ellen. He love Ellen, not the 6 (sound familiar?). It could be that his love for Ellen and the fact he sees the 6 AS Ellen made the pregancy possible (love is all you need according to the show, right?). This is a twist with a revelation yet to be revealed. But Chief had a kid and so did Romo Lampkin (revealed in this episode) so procreation with skinjobs (or humans) now appears to NOT be a limitation for the Final Five cylons (assuming Romo is the last one).


    I am stunned and pleased to report that watching the original 70s series has revealed MUCH information about the current series!

    The Ships of Light and Beings of Light appear in the episodes "War of the Gods" and "Experimenting on Terra". These episodes COMPLETELY explain some of the things that have so far made no sense in the current series. It seems the "Ship of Light" theme is, in fact, going to make an entrance into the show mythology. According to wikipedia, the original BSG series implies the "Lords of Kobol" or "the gods" are, in fact, the Beings of Light who travel in the Ship of Light. They are advanced humans who have (in Colonial lore) been described as angels (the 6 once told Baltar she was his guardian angel sent to protect him). Based on the original series, the Beings of Light are advanced humans who have evolved much further than our current humans on Galactica. They are ancient. One of them says "as you are, I once was. As I am, you may become". The 6 has essentially the same conversation with Tigh about how the cylons have discovered many more things about the brain than the current humans know. EVOLUTIONARY PATH.

    The Beings of Light concept is also key to understanding Baltar's apparitions of the 6 (and of himself) and the 6's apparition of Baltar. It also explains the mystery of how Shelly Godfrey (the 6 who appeared on Galactica - TO EVERYONE, NOT JUST BALTAR) disappeared from the ship without a trace. Shelly Godfrey was one of these Beings of Light! Perhaps, a manifestation of the Head 6, except, manifesting to everyone instead of just Baltar. This incident ALWAYS perplexed me. That woman vanished. She could not have physically escaped off Galactica, yet, she was GONE. In the original series, one particular Being of Light grabs Apollo onto the Ship of Light and takes him to a place called Terra. The Light Being prepares Apollo that the people on Terra will recognize him as another person, one they know. Once there, Apollo looks into a mirror and he looks just like he normally does BUT EVERYONE AROUND HIM PERCEIVES HIM AS THIS OTHER PERSON. The Being exerted perception on the mind of others to disguise Apollo. At the same time, this Being of Light appears and disappears at will (and no one else sees him except Apollo and, at times, Starbuck). He guides Apollo in Apollo's head by appearing only to Apollo and no one else except when he chooses to. This completely explains how Shelly Godfrey appeared to everyone (not just Baltar) yet was able to "disappear" when her rouse became found out. It also speaks volumes to the phenomenon of exactly who and what is manifesting inside Baltar's head as well as in the 6s head.

    I've said all along, the Inner 6 in Baltar's mind is guiding him and testing him constantly. In the Shelly Godfrey incident, the test required interaction with fleet members to put Baltar on the spot with the fake picture. I've also already stated on this page that the 6 inside Baltar's head (usually portrayed in red) is NOT the 6 he originally met on Caprica (who is currently in Galactica's brig and dressed in brown). It's someone else. This is evidenced how when Baltar was on the base star, their chemistry was completely different. It was nothing like the interaction he has with the 6 in his head. Also, the Baltar in the 6s head is NOT the real or actual Baltar we see on the show every week.

    Whatever way the concept of the Beings of Light will be portrayed in the current series, I am now convinviced the mental apparitions of Baltar and 6 are actually Beings of Light - the higher human forms, perceived as angels and called "gods". This is also amplified by Kara's experience with a man that looked like Leoben but turned out not to be Leoben. This person, too, was a Being of Light.

    Also, according to wikipedia, a deleted scene from season 1 has the priestess reading from a Colonial scripture that the strife on Kobol (thus, the exodus) began when one of the Lords of Kobol declared themself higher than all others. This could be the cylon god. In the original series episode "War of the Gods" they encounter Count Iblis who has the same attributes of these Beings of Light, except, he is heavy-handedly portrayed ultimately as being a demonic figure (when Starbuck shoots him and he momentarily morphs into a satanic-looking thing). I think Count Iblis in the original series is the cylon god, the one who demanded to be exalted above all others. Perhaps it is this entity working inside Baltar's mind to accomplish his will - preaching the One God - and whatever agenda it has.

    Another similairity from the original series, the "9th Lord of Kobol" is entombed on Kobol. In the new series, they find the "Tomb of Athena" on Kobol. These similairities should not be dismissed.

    WHERE THIS ALL STARTED: I came across some interesting commentary at this site:

    The author discussed the 1970s BSG series and the Ship of Light concept. I wondered if it was possible this element will be introduced into the show? Maybe Starbuck was saved by these ethereal people who brought her to earth and repaired her ship and sent her back with a wiped memory of the ordeal (exactly what happened to Apollo and the others in the original series). The author of that site has shown the images of the Ship of Light from the original series and it looks a lot like part of the stuff Kara is painting on the wall of the Demetrius as she attempts to locate earth.

    In the original series (episode War of the Gods), the Count Iblis guy actually and really kills Apollo and incurs the wrath of the OTHER Beings of Light because of some spiritual clause. So, the Beings of Light take Starbuck and Apollo and Sheba onto their ship and they interact with them and they bring Apollo back from the dead! However, before they bring back Apollo from death, they put a test to Sheba and Starbuck. They ask if either of them would give their life in exchange for his. When they answer correctly, they resurrect Apollo and seem to appreciate Sheba and Starbuck's humanity that they would give their life for him. It sounds like the kind of tests the 6 constantly puts on Baltar! Like when she said to him "you said you would give your life for that boy... did you mean it?" And when he confesses it, everything turns out OK.

    Then, when the 3 return to Galactica, they have no memory of the Ship of Light or what exactly happened to them. This is EXACTLY what happened to Starbuck in the current series! In the episode Expirements with Terra, the Ship of Light travels to a distant place in a matter of moments. Also, in War of the Gods, Count Iblis states he knows Earth and has been there. These references completely explain Starbuck's experience.

    Also, the Beings of Light have almost unlimited access to knowledge and thoughts and emotions about others. They know people's thoughts and can communicate inside people's heads. This fully explains how, for example, the Baltar in 6s mind gives her information about Sharon (when she is trying to get her to move on with her life after being resurrected) and essentially guides the 6 based on things NO ONE could know inside Sharon's mind. The same thing happens with the 6 and Tigh when her Inner Baltar gives her information about Tigh's wife and their interaction together (things the REAL Baltar didn't even know!). It explains how the Inner 6 constantly gives Baltar information he otherwise would not have known AND how she knows what other people are thinking. One specific reference comes to mind when Roslin confronts Baltar "were you with a tall blonde woman on Caprica just before the attacks" and the Inner 6 proclaims "she knows" and then directs him mentally out of the situation.

    At this point, I think the Inner Baltar and the Inner 6 are the same Being of Light - comparable to the Count Iblis character from the original series - the cylon god - and is directing their behavior toward his agenda. I think the Leoben of Kara's experience (the Leoben who was not actually Leoben) may be A DIFFERENT Being of Light/Lord of Kobol with a different agenda.

    Also, when Kara went to the Colonial oracle, she told her WORD FOR WORD what Leoben said to her about her destiny. Perhaps a Being of Light communicated that information to the oracle. Or when D'Anna/(3)/Xena went to the Colonial oracle on New Caprica when she was distraught, and the oracle told her all about herself and that Hera was still alive. The oracles are said to have contact with "the gods" and it could easily be that these "gods" they communicate with are the Beings of Light who seem to know just about everything about everyone and the greater plan unfolding. And the unfolding of Baltar's life as influenced so far indicates Baltar is being influenced by the One God - the one Being of Light, one of the 12 "gods" or Lords of Kobol - the one who exalted himself above others. The devil, satan, whatever (so far seen in the form of 6 and Baltar himself). While preliminarily, it seems like Kara is being influenced by another or other Beings of Light on her path to find earth in the form of Leoben.


    A hybrid was responsible for creating the cylons. Hybrids exist in the space between life and death - it sees the gods. There are 12 Lord of Kobol - considered gods by the colonists. The 12 cylons were created in the image of the 12 gods. In the image of the Lords of Kobol. That's why there are 12. There is also evidence for a 13th Lord of Kobol that the colonists do not recognize. It is the Lord of Kobol that wanted to be exalted above all others. This led to the Exodus off Kobol by the gods. The hybrid from razor likely worshipped or recognized or was a manifestation of the will of this 13th Lord of Kobol. That's why it (the hybrid) says "my children think I am god". It is from this particular hybrid that the One God religion perpetuates. This gives way to there possibly being a 13th cylon.

    The Head 6 and Head Baltar are not cylons at all. They never claim to be. Head 6 always says "the cylons" but she never identifies with them. She does, however, always identify with "God". The One God. Kara has now experience a "Head Leoben" that showed her mother's death to her in the effort to push her on the path the her destiny. The Head People are always guiding and directing people. The Head 6 is always guiding and directing Baltar (even if subtly). The Head Baltar is always guiding and directing the 6. The Head Leoben guided and directed Kara.

    In short, the Head People are the Lords of Kobol themselves.

    Baltar loves the 6 in his head. He does not love the Caprica six he banged on Caprica. Caprica 6 loves the Baltar in her head. She does not love Baltar Actual. Perhaps Kara is or will fall in love with the Leoben in her head as well. She knows the difference between THAT Leoben and the Leoben that arrives at her ship with news of a cylon civil war. Baltar doesn't care what the difference is - whether he sleeps with Head 6 or Actual 6, it doesn't matter to him. Only the 6 in his head serves his selfish purposes - so that's all that matters to him. Caprica 6 is yet unaware that she doesn't really love Baltar Actual. She thinks they are one and the same. She WANTS the Head Baltar to be the Actual Baltar.

    So why are these people appearing to each other at all?

    It has to do with love. Baltar did love Caprica 6 - and the Head 6 took the form of Caprica 6 because he wanted it to take that form. Caprica 6 loved Baltar and the Head Baltar she experiences took the form of Baltar because she wanted it to take that form.

    WHY THEY ARE APPEARING AT ALL IS YET TO BE UNDERSTOOD. THAT INVOLVES DEEP MYTHOLOGY I DO NOT FEEL HAS BEEN PORTRAYED IN THE SHOW YET. But it has to do with the influence of the gods on humanity - perhaps in a battle between the Lords of Kobol (the 12) and the 13th Lord (the 13th) being played out on the Stage of the Universe between and involving cylons and humans.

    It's interesting when Kara is leaving New Caprica, Leoben has "seen" that Kara will say she loves him. He makes her say it. Leoben is very skilled at interpreting the hybrid's messages. I believe he "sees the patterns" because he gives weight to what the hybrid says and has a wisdom of interpreting it. He has "seen" that Kara will love him. But what he has "seen" through the hybrid is that Kara will love *A* Leoben. Kara will love the Lord of Kobol in the form of Leoben - the one who showed her her mom's death and led her through epic transformation. Leoben (being a cylon and worshipping the One God) doesn't acknowledge the Lords of Kobol. But they are real.

    The cylons perhaps do not know they were fashioned in the image of the Lords of Kobol.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 4 (The Hub) - Another 'Head Person' appears in the show, this time to Roslin in the form of Elosha, the priestess. The experience is almost identical to Kara's experience with 'Leoben'. They are guiding people to a personal truth unique to them. Why is this/these being/beings appearing in the form of 'Elosha' to Laura? Elosha was the first person Laura confided in about her visions of snakes - and Elosha was the one who revealed Laura's destiny as the dying leader of the Pythia scripture. It must have to do with trust as well. Laura trusts 'Elosha' but she outright claims to understand it is not Elosha with whom she is conversing. She asks what Baltar asked of 6 long ago "are you a part of my subconscious"?

    Leoben was also the first person who revealed Kara's destiny to her. While I do not think Kara trusts Leoben, she DOES believe that he is telling HER the truth of her path - the path she must walk according to her destiny. The similarities between Laura's experience and Kara's experience is uncanny. The way the beings interacted with them is very similar in nature: walking them through a dark time, gently guiding them to very personal revelation, essentially changing their lives.

    The 'Head' Baltar and 'Head' 6 (as I have said repeatedly) are also very similar to each other in nature - but are VERY DIFFERENT from the Laura/Kara experiences. While the experiences of Laura and Kara have been with beings that nuture and guide them to a personal truth that helps them through a traumatic event - leading to their destiny - the experiences of Baltar and 6 are with beings that manipulate and cunningly direct them toward an enigmatic end.

    It is unclear how many 'Head' people there are, but there are definately 2 TYPES of them as revealed in the series so far.


    Romo Lampkin is the final cylon and so far, the most complex. It's so obvious it's too obvious. During the trial, the prosecutor objected to Lee testifying and Lampkin said "I can cite at least 7 precedents off the top of my head". To me that was another clue on par with the cat thing. When he spoke with 6, he described his lost love as a sad face surrounded by a sunflower. That's exactly what 6 looked like as he was saying it to her. Perhaps he was lying to gain her trust toward his own end. But I think his telling Lee the story about his past relationship was real. He was always straight with Lee. Maybe he knows 6 but she doesn't know him or something or maybe he had a relationship with A 6 previously and that 6 was the woman he previously loved.

    Perhaps his mission (known or unknown to him? - I would say he knows) is to get Baltar freed to fulfill whatever Baltar is supposed to do. To say he was born for that task is a powerful statement. If unknowing, he is doing it out of his own personal spite at the world and jaded past. We know from the show even cylons develop their pwn unique psychoses. Whether he was born for it if to release his own pent up rage at the world or to perform that function as a willing cylon, either option leaves room for him to BE the cylon. He doesn't seem to care what he leaves in his wake. The friction between Lee and Adama he creates seems nothing more than a tactical plot to use Lee to expound the fact that Baltar was being used as the Scapegoat. Lee is a believable and trusted member of the core group of humans - who better to make that speech believable and lead to an acquittal?

    Also, through mastered art of manipulation, Lampkin seems know everything about everyone. When 6 spoke to Tigh about Ellen, Baltar (The Baltar in her head) told her things about Ellen the real Baltar didn't even know. Lampkin is probably communicating with someone or some people who know things. The way the cylons see their environment. We have little idea how exactly they interact. It seems clear to me the Baltar in the mind of 6 is not the actual real Baltar. And the 6 in Baltar's head is not the actual real 6. I think they are each other's egos rendered as or through the person they choose for it to be so. But as for Lampkin, he said of Baltar's trial "I was born for this" probably on the level at which Starbuck was born to find earth. He easily charmed the President and the Admiral and worked Lee like a puppet. He used Lee to portray to humanity the weakness of compassion that eventually let Baltar free. The monotheistic god (the cylon god) does not allow and has disdain for that weakness. That god demands retribution and vengeance and sacrifice and removal of guilt and shame. But Lampkin foments the humanity of the humans to DO what humans DO; forgive (or at least acquit) through that "moment of compassion" he spoke of.

    He terrified and stunted Baltar, duped a conniving cylon, tore apart a father and son and then freed Gaius Baltar (and stole the President's glasses!). He enraged the entire fleet by representing Baltar while teaching a lesson on their flawed system AND pulled their heartstrings at the same time. All while staying relatively under the radar and being the focus of NO ONE'S wrath in the process. Then, he just vanished into the crowd.

    It can't get any more cylon than that. The cat was out of the bag within 5 minutes of Mr. Lampkin appearing on the show.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 3 OF SEASON 4 (The Ties that Bind) - PREDICTION: Lee speaks about some legislation in the meeting that has to do with a needed Justice-System overhaul in the fleet. I look for Romo Lampkin to phase back into this show thread.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 7 OF SEASON 4 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) - A very short reference to Romo Lampkin in this episiode was intriguing. When confronted by Tory about his announcing Laura's shared visions in his broadcast, Baltar claims his lawyer (Lampkin) gave him that information via the 6 right before his trial verdict. Anyone who watched those episodes knows Romo Lampkin only met with the 6 once and at no time did they discuss the "shared visions" the President was having involving Athena, Baltar and Hera. Caprica 6 is in the Galactica brig and unless there were subsequent visits by Lampkin, this implies Lampkin had knowledge he could in no way have had on his own.

    How did Romo Lampkin know about Laura's shared visions, and thus, reveal it to Baltar?

    Natalie and the 2s and 8s wonder why the Final Five have not come forward. Natalie suggests "maybe they're watching us, judging us on our actions" in reference to their worthiness. The Baltar trial was a huge test for the colonists and their civilization as a whole. It was a test of morality and civility whether or not Baltar would be sentenced without trial or if his case would be heard. It was a test of whether or not the human race could or would forgive and show compassion. Lampkin showed no clear lean in either direction. But perhaps his function was to represent Baltar in "judging their actions" and worthiness of humankind.

  • ADDED AFTER EPISODE 8 OF SEASON 4 (Sine Qua Non) - Lampkin returns as Lee finds him cloistered up in his quarters. I have no idea what is going on with seeing the dead cat, it could be a couple of things. Lee clearly does not notice it. Either Lampkin is projecting (as cylons do) an environment of his choice (the cat, the last remaining link to his former life) OR he is just seeing the cat - pretending he is still there to help him cope with his current psychosis over its death. Or, he is crazy (where have we heard that one before?)

    Romo is heavily conflicted because I think he immediately knows based on the circumstances, Lee is the only person who can fit into the slot - appeasing the Quorum and holding ties with the military. But he doesn't want to accept it. Why? Because to Romo, Lee represents everything Romo has come to lose faith in. Perfection, order, idealism, and HOPE in general. He knows Lee has all the qualities for the job but Romo's life has been influenced by Lee's grandfather - a man who taught Romo that the system was a tool to be used - not a framework of truth or justice. It is fitting that the grandson of the man who jaded Romo Lampkin's entire life perspective is now the one who could be his redeemer. Romo pulls the gun for 2 reasons: to put Lee to the final test of worthiness (Natalie: "maybe they're watching us, judging us on our actions") AND to provoke Lee to admitting and stating clearly that HE CAN and WILL do the job. Romo has to know Lee will live up to his expectations (which are huge) and he has to make Lee verbalize it and convince himself of his duty. Romo also is attempting to look into the eye of his "beacon of hope" to see if he can really find it within himself to trust once more. He even puts Lee to the test of personal ambition by accusing Lee of wanting this all along. Lots of heavy testing going on from Romo toward Lee. hmmmm

    Also, Lampkin's subtle conversation with Adama about HOPE is the catalyst for Adama to part with the fleet in search of Roslin. How and why does Romo keep getting his hand in the mega events that happen within the fleet?

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